Traditional routers can’t accommodate new upcoming community with IPv4/v6 coexistence. The routers must be improved and upgraded so that they can support the two IPv4 and IPv6.

Offered that the core router is quite essential and carries enormous World-wide-web traffics, it must be capable to assist IPv6 forwarding at wire rate. It suggests ASIC chip, but not program is utilised to assistance IPv6 packet processing. At the exact time, it is pretty important that this support can not sacrifice any IPv4 effectiveness.

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Just after all, most of existing traffics is IPv4. The core router must extend to support IPv6 routing tables and requirements to support IPv6 routing protocols, these as BGP4 , OSPFv3, ISISv6, RIPng and etc. It requires to help some migration system from IPv4 to IPv6, these kinds of as Tunnel, Twin Stack, Translation and and so forth.

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Exact same as quite a few community systems, profitable deployment of IPv6 relies on the deployment of the operators’ IPv6 community. As a single main ingredient in IPv6 network, persuasive essay medication physics lab reports examples persuasive essay on insanity defense IPv6 main router is important to network making, applications, general performance and balance. At current, mainstream router sellers like Cisco and Juniper announce that their routers can assistance IPv6 even though some standard IT tools manufactures, in particular those people in Japan, assume Net upgrade brought on by IPv6 will change the full landscape of router market place, which delivers important possibilities for them to enter router marketplace. From 2000 to 2002, Hitachi, NEC and Fujitsu declared IPv6-capable main router to obtain some current market share in new Web network.

It will have to be admitted that IPv6 is nevertheless in the original period at current, which is mirrored in the subsequent facets: most IPv6 network is in demo phase, the range of accessibility consumers is small, carried IPv6 traffics are unable to be equivalent to IPv4, the interoperability among IPv6 gear nevertheless desires to be proved, and network engineers absence in practical experience in massive-scale deployment and operation of IPv6 community. The lack of information and working experience is a single of critical leads to that make some operators lack in self-assurance in IPv6 network deployment. Many operators take wait-and-see attitudes.

In order to verify IPv6 router (specially IPv6 main router), the guidance to IPv6, how are they carried out and interoperated,rnrnA. V.

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