I’m pleased that you are able to share your story with me for you Sally

“, I’m sure exactly just how it really is having a desire for one thing if you would like, but why don’t we enjoy our coffees before they cool in excess. You cannot show the entire world and now have to savor in private, i shall let you know my tale later”

Making use of their coffees completed they strolled supply in supply back live mature sex into Sally’s home where they embraced passionately within the lounge space, if you would like” Sally suggested, so together, still in their raincoats, moved into Sally’s bedroom and onto bed“ I think we should continue this upstairs Paul. Sally pulled Paul’s bonnet over their mind along him strongly on the lips whilst fondling his bottom through the raincoat with hers and kissed. Paul caressed Sally back and neck and whispered,

“This is the greatest day’s my entire life. ”

Paul and Sally cuddled whilst still inside their raincoats experiencing the impression and aroma regarding the smooth rubber lining that is blue. Their arms were all over one another, Sally caressing Paul’s bottom and straight back with Paul carefully massaging her breasts with one hand and her throat using the other. Sally whispered “This is really lovely Paul, we have dreamt of performing this with somebody who would want it too, i am talking about not merely the rubber coating but together we are now actually. Beside me as”

Paul brushed his lips against hers extremely softly and stroked her throat behind her ear and responded “In my wildest goals i really couldn’t have thought laying right here with a delightful woman in only a raincoat sufficient reason for myself additionally covered with a plastic lined girls coating, that is paradise for me personally. ”

Sally began to unbutton Paul’s raincoat through the top working down and also as she reached the lower buttons her hand caressed their tummy sufficient reason for delicate fingers relocated reduced to feel their hot and erect penis. She carefully fondled Paul’s balls and penis as he undid her buttons all the way down and their hand found her naked breast and nipple and slowly caressed her. Paul’s hand edged reduced to locate Sally’s vagina lips along with great care rolled the lips between his hands very gradually. He could feel moisture she murmured a purr and tightened her fingers around his penis around them as.

Paul proceeded simply caressing her lips that are outer a few minutes much much longer before reducing their little finger into her opening simply adequate to locate her clitoris and very softly rotated his little finger top over her bud until Sally relocated their hand away and manoeuvred his penis to her vagina.

Paul slowly eased their penis into her just a little at a time, he knew never to just bang directly in, but carefully and slowly to begin with ended up being the way in which he thought females mostly enjoyed lovemaking. Sally gripped Paul’s base through the lovely raincoat pulling him deeper into her and thrusting by herself to him. Paul picked up the rate as another revolution for the plastic aroma mixed with the fragrance of Sally delivered his mind into to overdrive in the same way Sally cried down “I’m coming now. ” Paul increased their thrusting while he exploded into orgasm moments after Sally orgasmed. All their fingers were gripping each other difficult through the coats before the sexual climaxes subsided and Paul rolled down Sally along with them both breathing heavily.

Sally whispered “That was the sex that is best We have ever endured, many thanks a great deal Paul you were wonderful. ”

It ended up being just great. “For me too Sally”

Sally and Paul silently lay resting together nevertheless inside their raincoats simply gazing during the ceiling enjoying the memory of the very first lovemaking and wondering if this might carry on for good. Paul had been simply ecstatic that he discovered a female to talk about their love of rubberised raincoats but Sally ended up being taking into consideration the next degree that she desired to relocate to.

“Paul, both of us understand you love putting on my raincoat and you didn’t brain being seen outside in a women coating, therefore do we read you properly in thinking other women clothes wouldn’t be out of issue? ”

I have had a longing to wear ladies clothes especially frilly underwear made of shiny satin or even better in latex“ I am now embarrassed Sally” responded Paul, “But yes. But i might think that might be that weird and kinky and never just like me. ”

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