Is utilizing Express that is american at foreign exchange a cash loan?

I am presently abroad in Thailand and unlike great britain many money exchanges appear to accept US Express. With them is this classed as a charge, which I will gain points for or a cash advance (like using an ATM), which I’ll get no points for an incur fees I believe if I use my American Express card. We shall utilize my debit card if the latter.

Additionally, which are the prices for utilizing a United states Express card abroad, i understand a percentage is taken by them regarding the price, performs this have limitation?

Any assistance valued.


We examined test stipulations and Overview Box for a few random card (Platinum), and both are particularly clear from the 2nd point: 2.99% that is demonstrably unlimited.

Re the point that is first it’s less clear:

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It shal – most likely – be charged as an advance loan. 5% min ?5

Amex generally speaking have 2.99% currency exchange cost included in the change price

The above mentioned might differ in accordance with which specific selection of Amex you’ve got

If you order currency from the Amex Exchange website it will be treated as a purchase as I mentioned last time you asked this question. In the event that you enter an ordinary bureau de change it out is likely to be addressed being a cash loan and attract a 3% advance loan charge.

If you should be in Bangkok or any other town having an Amex Travel provider workplace (check online) then you may have the ability to order (and pay) online and gather through the workplace. This may count as being a purchase when you look at the in an identical way that collecting from the UK airport does.

Many thanks for the replies, quite definitely appreciated. We think I’m simply likely to work with a debit card to obtain money. In so far as I’d like possible points, if there is an opportunity it will likely be addressed being a advance loan I’d instead maybe not risk it while the price will outweigh the advantages. I’m there is no better wording from Amex as this hits me as a serious situation that is common specifically for people who travel a whole lot.

And Lazyloki, final time we posted I became querying the fact no British foreign exchanges accept Amex and asking if there have been any that did. Now abroad and seeing most do we wondered should this be because it’s addressed differently. Additionally, it states at the end of this web page in bold letters from the Amex website that any repayment for international cash by having an Amex card shall be addressed as being a advance loan? The reason why i did not purchase I saw they (obviously) accepted Amex from them when.

Yes, i understand so it states it will likely be addressed as a cash advance but i could guarantee, 100%, it is perhaps not.

Final time We stated:

You might keep reading the Amex web site that the card must certanly be enrolled for ‘express money’ to help you for this. Additionally in the event that you call Amex and get they will inform you that purchasing online will count being a advance loan. They’ve been incorrect plus it cannot. I do believe that is just the full instance in the event that you withdraw cash from an ATM, perhaps not order money on the web.

I’m not sure if Amex have actually simply worded their policy defectively or if this will be some sort of error but, with regard to quality; it it is treated as a purchase if you order travel money from the Amex website and pay with an Amex card. You will make points and won’t be charged interest. It shall additionally count towards any spending goals etc.

Really the only caveat i am going to include is if it would work the same for an Amex credit card that I have only done this with a charge card, I don’t know.

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