I’ve been dating some guy for nearly couple of years now ( he now lives beside me)

formerly the two of us went thru a bad wedding before we came across one another

we had been both mentally all messed up within our prior marriages so of course there’s several things we gotta work on/get previous etc, but I’ve shown him I’m nothing can beat their ex he was hitched to , n he always says I’m the perfect girl in it and this made me feel disrespected by his female friend so when I told him how it made me feel he made excuses for his friend n told me maybe my feelings were wrong… n I’m no expert but when u love someone aren’t u suppost to support them for him but sometimes he makes me feel like my feelings don’t matter, the other day a female friend of his posted a sick joke on his fb page n tagged him? When I chatted to him I got ahold of his buddy that we felt disrespected me personally n explained to her how just what she did made me feel n she ended Up apologizing, n he did too not til when I told Billings escort reviews him she apologized and admitted she crossed a line etc, weird?…N also my bf could be the kind of guy which has had a lot of female buddies (that he knows I’m not accustomed being with dudes which have a large amount of feminine friends) n i have actuallyn’t met any one of their feminine friends yet nor has he attempted to install it for me personally to meet up with any one of them yet, n whenever I asked him to decelerate on making brand new chick buddies simply til I have used to the concept (we have actually a past prob with guy I’m with having female friends cuz I was cheated on a whole lot, so we agreed within the beginning of our relationship to simply help each other etc) he stated ok he’ll make an effort to do this, but he hasn’t tried at all letter subsequently has obtained 6 or even more new feminine friends, mean I’m not against him having friends after all but I’m assisting him get thru their past problems so just why is not he caring to check out thru with helping me personally with mine? He also gets angry at me for maybe perhaps not attempting to visit their kids recreations training with him, cuz honestly i recently wind up sitting there for four hours while he watches their son letter plays on their cell…so we don’t understand why i must be there whenever I may be home assisting my kids with there research cleaning household etc, (training may be the only thing we don’t do with him, we get every where else with him tho) but the other day he said if i did son’t wanna get then he’d simply invite one of his true feminine buddies towards the training , n he understands what I’ve been thru in my own last wedding letter knows I’m nevertheless taking care of trusting females and trusting in general why would he state that if you ask me? (at the start of our relationship he really asked me personally the way I felt about plans he previously stuff he was gonna do before he achieved it in order that method it could make me feel comfortable/good about any of it, but he stopped doing that as of lately, n simply doesn’t let me know like he started initially to before) also he’s CONSTANTLY on his mobile phone…we asked him for people to own 1 day a week without any cells for either of us to ensure we could really communicate/ speak to each other no distractions etc figuring it’ll b a very important thing for the relationship…well he achieved it when and containsn’t done it since (like per year) letter once I brought it up asking why he’sn’t done it since that time he made some kinda excuse n made it sound like my fault.. n any moment we bring one thing up which he don’t Like, he’s quick to attempt to put it on me personally etc…also it is strange that when I’m sitting close to him n we state one thing he states oh I didn’t hear ya but he’ll hear other things that aren’t even yet in the exact same room…idk..it’s weird.. We can’t read him at all n I’m not use to that…plz give me personally your viewpoint on what i will manage this relationship. For now I’ve just been doing all i will for him n be here for him n try my better to give him space etc in hopes he’s simply working thru stuff…but it’s happening two years he been with me n I’ve accomplished plenty of hurdles for him but appears he’sn’t attempted to accomplish his for me… just what do i actually do? Am I outta line to be upset over any of this? Have always been we simply being paranoid etc? Please return to me personally ASAP #goingcrazy

I’m having a online dating sites relationship after 30 days conversing

he said he wished to invest their life i’m his superwoman he wants no other woman to touch him We have naturally from communication been very open and truthful Guess what we have not met yet but we are planning to and we both can not wait for that very first kiss and to hold each other in our arms He wants to be with me he can’t give me the world but I will never regret him loving me Eric could this be a fairytale come true Thank you with me and he loves me we are middled age both happily divorced we experienced same why we devorced Our interest are the same our colors ice cream He tells me

hahha that is crazy but this is simply not always true, the man I became seeing revealed all this signs and explained he didn’t desire a relationship after… that he didn’t feel ready,

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